About Us


We are not your usual street wear brand, ours aims to represent and realign a generation of African millennials and lovers of the continent around the globe who seek for a reconnection with the motherland.

CoolAfrican offers made to wear clothes and accessories that shine a light on the African pop culture, history, latest trends and an overall accumulation of contemporary arts in the form of a clothing line.



Our goal is to bring to light African culture to the forefront using creatively witty designs and innovative approaches. Featuring the best Afrocentric designs and concepts we have to offer. 

Inspired by the continent’s colours, sounds, people, struggles, and aspirations, we consistently work to fuse together blends of various eras and ideologies into our products that softly screams, ‘AFRICA.’  

CoolAfrican intends to provide timeless and unique designs that evoke an act of discovery and emotions while being affordable and of good quality doing away with our expendable culture and taking a more sustainable & eco-friendly approach towards all our merchandise products.  

We are telling a new story of Africa through quality, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, trendy and ideological products/product designs.


CoolAfrican selects its materials and supplier with care. Our T-shirt, Sweatshirt garments, Bags are made only from natural fibers from sustainable plantations that lend unrivalled softness to our items. 

Organic cotton is not an option at CoolAfrican, it’s a requirement. 

All are certified by the biggest labels (GOTS, OCS Blended, Oeko-Tex).

We are working tirelessly to make sure we achieve our 100% target before the winter collection of 2019.

All our T-shirts are 100% sustainable.

All our Tote Bags are 100% sustainable.


Organic Cotton Badge   Organic Garment Certificate     GOTS Certificate   Tested for Harmful substance certificate  Fair Wear