• Don’t Abuse Your Highness – Smoking Hopes


    Both the regular use of marijuana and the preoccupation with making it legal acts as the ultimate distraction, from the true injustices going unnoticed in the upper levels of the nation.

  • 60 years of Nigerian Prosperity Gospel


    Either way the mouths of the messengers are a flutter, and the bottomless money pit is open twenty-four hours a day.

  • The Zombie Republic- Nigerian 60th Independence


    Nigeria's vision of its independence was one of power, prosperity and leadership. It was time to shake off the shackles of colonisation and become whole again. But reality didn't live up to the dream, and the ambitious nation is weighed down by a new set of shackles that it forged for itself.

  • BANANA ISLAND - Everybody wants to live in Ikoyi

    Banana Island is the Palm Beach of Nigeria. With its luxurious family homes and cutting edge condos and apartments, it sits as the ultimate symbol of affluence.

  • OFF RADAR - Nigerian Airways – A Sunk Nation

    Defunct Nigerian Airways, and the ill-fated national flag carrier is a symbol (that nobody wanted) for the country.
  • National Youth Service Corps - NYSC

    Officially set up by the Nigerian government in 1973 to foster unity and cohesion, the program is designed to involve Nigerian graduates in nation building and the development of the country.


    The controversial National Youth Service Corps is designed to help young people help their country, but is it working? Do today's youth actually care about shaping and bettering their nation?