Rwandan short film gunning for 2020 Oscars

Rwandan filmmaker Philbert Mbabazi, 28, is eying the 92nd Oscars Academy Awards next year, following the recent qualification of his short film I Got my Things and Left, that won the City grand prize at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2019 in Germany, one of the biggest film festivals in Europe.

The win makes the film eligible for the Oscars, if it gets selected after official submission.
Produced in Rwanda, I Got my Things and Left had its first public screening in July in Kigali.

Mbabazi is currently attending the prestigious Locarno Filmmakers Academy, (August 7-17) as part of the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland.

I Got my Things and Left features a full Rwanda cast of Eric Ngangare, Rebeccah Mucyo, Cedic Mizero, Shenge Ndimbira and Mbabazi.

The 22-minutes long fiction film reflects on life, death and the afterlife, with a group of youth mourning Eric, a young man, who valued life, people and relations despite not being a Christian. The young people question the existence of the Rurema (the traditional Rwandan creator) and the afterlife.

The film’s title is borrowed from Zimbabwean writer Charles Dambudzo Marechera’s 1979 book entitled House of Hunger, which Mbabazi says resonates with the youth.

The story was curated from TheEastAfrican