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  • The Royals were worried about Archie Skin Tone - Meghan & Harry Spill it all on Oprah

    “What I was seeing was history repeating itself, but far more dangerous. You add race in. You add social media in. When I’m talking about history repeating itself, I’m talking about my mother” - Prince Harry
  • Black people, racism and human right - Human Right Committee report summary

    Human right committee report summary

    Davido returns after a long hiatus with new track titled FEM sending shots at bURNA BOY  


  • Adele Celebrates Notting Hill Carnival in Bantu Knots

  • Canada Appoints Nigerian Kaycee Madu as the Minister of Justice and Attorney General

    Born and raised in southeastern Nigeria, Madu graduated from the University of Lagos with a law degree in 2001. He and his wife moved to Canada in 2005. They have three children.

    Madu, who has practised law in both Nigeria and Alberta, was first elected as an MLA in the April 2019 general election.

    Dunia Nur, president of the Edmonton-based African Canadian Civic Engagement Council, said Madu has become a role model for the community.

    "Whether we agree with one party or another that doesn't really matter, especially for the Black voice right now," Nur said in an interview Tuesday. 

    "What matters is effective Black people that are educated, that have integrity, that also have education background, are the ones that are occupying the space."

    The council promotes and strengthens opportunities for members of the African, Caribbean and Black communities across Canada.

  • Forget Jeff Bezos , Mansa Musa of Mali was the Richest Man on Earth.


    Musa was famous for his generosity and piety. He built a mosque every Friday during his journed and gave away so much gold that it destabilised the economy in parts of the region for twelve years - as well as deflating the value of gold.

  • Akon Just Announced a $6 Billion Construction Plan for Akon City in Senegal

    Akon City has awarded the contract for building and executing the city to KE International, a US based Consulting and Engineering firm. The US $6 Billion futuristic-cryptocurrency themed City is founded by Senegalese-American superstar and philanthropist Akon.

  • Greatest Drummer and Afrobeats Pioneer Tony Allen Dies.



    Africa has lost one of its top medical doctors in the diaspora, Dr Saadu contracted #COVID19 while combating the virus as a consultant on the frontline. Until his demise, Sa’adu worked at Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust and was a former Medical Director of London Hospital. 
  • Angelique Kidjo bags the grammy for the 4th time.

    Angelique Kidjo Wins Grammy for the best world music in 2020. This is Kidjo's fourth Grammy win dedicating her win to Burna boy while paying homage to the late Afro-Cuban singer Celia Cruz, who Kidjo described as someone who "never shied away from her African heritage. 


  • Black History Month - Diane Abbott became the first black person to represent their party at PMQs

    A child of the Windrush Generation, Diane Abbott this week became the first black person to represent their party at Prime minister question when the shadow home secretary stands in for Jeremy Corbyn. 
  • Rwandan short film gunning for 2020 Oscars

    Rwandan filmmaker Philbert Mbabazi, 28, is eying the 92nd Oscars Academy Awards next year, following the recent qualification of his short film I Got my Things and Left, that won the City grand prize at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2019 in Germany, one of the biggest film festivals in Europe.