The Smartest Family in Britain today, is an African family. 

35 years ago, Professor Imafidon migrated from Nigeria to Great Britain with his family. He is an international scholar and educated consultant who works for the government and serves as a coach to students at various academic levels with the use of mobile and web technology.
Their twin, Paula and Peter Imafidon, at age eight set a joint world record, when they passed an A/AS-level examination in mathematics. A year after this, they took and passed the University of Cambridge’s Advanced Mathematics (FAM) paper making them the youngest students ever to pass the examination. 

History was made at the age of 9 when the twin became the youngest British children in history to attend high school. 

One of the twins, Peter is also a 100m and 400m relay champ in London, who hopes to serve as Prime Minister and his sister Paula is a county champion in rugby, who likes to teach math. 

However, they have an older genius sibling by name, Anne-Marie Imafidon, who obtained her Master’s Degree from Oxford University at the age of 17. 

 Anne-Marie was also the youngest person to pass the A-level computing exam. She was called a “serial world record breaker” in the September 2011 edition of “Higher Education Digest.”

Annie-Marie is currently Co-founder and CEO of Stemettes, an organization that has helped 40,000 girls realize their STEM potential which she started in 2013.

In 2016, Annie-Marie launched her own Stemettes STEM resources app, which is used by thousands of “Stemillion” school club members. 

Lastly, she co-founded the world’s first tech incubator for teenage girls – ‘Outbox Incubator’.

Christiana Imafidon also one of the siblings was honoured by the Minister of State for E-commerce as one of the youngest girls ever to receive a mathematics award at the age of nine. 

Christiana went on to write a book to help her friends struggling with Maths called Manual’. At the age of 11, she made history as the youngest student to attend a British university – the United Kingdom University.

She earned a government scholarship to study at the undergraduate level and subsequently, she received eight scholarships to the top schools in the country.

Christiana is an International Speaker. 

She has also been named the Most Influential Woman in Financial Technology

Last but not least is Samantha Imafidon, the sibling who mentored the twins to pass their own math secondary school test.

She had passed two high school-level mathematics and statistics exams at age 6. 

She became the youngest girl in the UK to attend secondary school at the age of 9. She is a gold level champion in the 100m and 200m relays.

The Imafidons have been used as a model to improve scholarship in Europe and Asia. Dr. Imafidon is certain that anyone can achieve what he has achieved with his family through a specific model for education.

CoolAfrican salutes the smartest family in Britain. 


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  • We are very interested in your piece about UK’s brainiest family, Professor Chris Imafidon. What a mathematical and music geniuses! Please send details of the journalist who wrote it.

    Hanna Rivers

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