Owning the African Narrative, Beyond War and Poverty

Searching for African men or women with the keywords ‘black men and women’ or ‘African men and women’ on Google more than half the time the results that pop up are poverty-stricken men, women, and children in dilapidated areas.

Often times than knot all these gives the wrong perception of Africa as a whole to foreigners who know little or nothing about the continent and even to Africans who have never been home.

Over time young Africans have made great efforts to change the narrative through entertainment, fashion and a lot more.

(Wizkid - African Pop Star) 

CoolAfricanmerch is using designs and products to help Millenials (Africans) thrive in their own skin, embrace their culture, know their history and own the African narrative.

Africa is a beautiful and diverse continent which should be displayed consistently.

Every intricate part of Africa deserves to be seen by the world.

CoolAfrican is actively showcasing eye-catching African designs in different pieces like tote bags, Men T-Shirts, Women T-Shirts and other ready to wear clothes.





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