Nigerian Born Engineer Dr Osato has 4 PhDs and 7 Master's Degrees. He makes drones for the US Army.

Celebrating and placing the spotlight on African achievers who are necessarily not in the sport and entertainment industry is a very crucial step in amplifying the unacknowledged success story of many Africans around the world who are excelling and contributing immensely to the global village development.  

 Dr Osato Osemwengie - CoolAfrican

Nigerian Inventor, Dr. Osato Osemwengie is one of the world's most educated people and an integral member of the American armed forces, constructing drones for the United States Army. These drones are used for surveillance to gather critical information, as well as take out terrorist camps.

Dr Osato Mentoring engineers - CoolAfrican

Here’s what you should know about Dr. Osatohanmwen Osemwengie:

  • Dr Osatohanmwen Osemwengie is an Edo-born Nigerian man. Prior to his trip to the United States in 1982, Dr. Osemwengie served as an administrator of  the College of Education, Benin City and was recognized as their Educator of the Year for securing funding used to design and implement pre-service teacher education programs.
  • Osemwengie has four graduate degrees, a Doctorate degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Cincinnati. He is currently working on his 5th and 6th Master’s degree in software engineering at Regis University and Information Systems at the Keller Graduate School of Management.
  • Osato Osemwengie is the founder of the Open Robotics University; a tuition free engineering degree-granting university that allows people to further exercise their talents and expand their knowledge into all fields related to engineering.

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