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  • Power, Purpose, and necessity of Protest Culture in Africa

    Conclusively, much has been said about the power of protest and the fact that African leaders fear the power of the masses; however, for a protest to be successful it must be un-politicized and everyone must be at the forefront and rooms must not be left for hoodlums to high-jack the protest. There is power in unity because it breeds strength in the weak and voices in the voiceless. The government knows this and will do whatever they could to truncate unity among the masses.

    Little wonder Africans are usually divided along ethnic and religious lines by their leaders because they fear a united people. However, Africans must protest the ills of the society because if there is anything that could bring change to Africa, it is organized protest.

  • Big trouble in little Africa-Chinese presence and influence in Africa

    In conclusion, the presence and activity of China, its people, and industry in Africa has been beneficial. Without an atom of doubt, many African countries would not have the Technological advancement and infrastructure they can boast of presently. Yet, we cannot but ask ourselves a pertinent question, 'at what cost?'
  • CoolAfrican Now Accepts DogeCoin

    Why Dogecoin?

    The answer is simple for us; we accept it because many people use it and the transaction compared to other cryptocurrency is very low. Our goal is to make it easier for our customers to shop and complete transactions with the payment method that suits them best. Dogecoin is our first choice in integrating alternative payment on our store, and more coins might follow suit in the future. 


    We are proud to announce you can now shop for our CoolAfricanMerch products at the BLACKINCARNABY Concept store by MyRunwayGroup in the heart of Lo...
  • Ghost Workers Everywhere

    A ghost worker is a person listed on the government payroll database but does not work for the civil service. This ghost worker can be a real person or an invented character assigned a role by the corrupt government staff.
  • “Highlife King of Africa” Oliver De Coque

    De Coque was a talented guitarist who blended West African highlife with Congolese rhythmic guitar style, developing a unique sound he called Ogene. 
  • We Are Open For Business

    As the government roadmap to easing down the lockdown in the United kingdom kicks off today, allowing businesses to resume operations, CoolAfrican will return back to full business activity to serve our customers home and abroad. 
  • Style and Ethics – Millennials

    Luckily, many industries have grown the awareness of ethical fashion and are now contributing to sustainability. CoolAfrican is one such example, providing a variety of sustainable and eco-friendly clothing e.g., organic T-shirt, which is made out of 100% organic cotton.
  • CoolAfrican X Champion Wind & Rain Jacket

    The signature red, white, and blue “C” is a symbol of quality and authenticity. It’s the symbol of Champion—a clothing company with more than 100 years of history. CoolAfrican is proud to present to you a champion limited durable, stylish wind and Rain Jacket.

  • Mercedes Taps Virgil Abloh to design

    The German automaker has tapped the creative services of the Ghanaian-American multi-hyphenate to create a “limited-edition artwork” that will be...

      1. “The Boy Is Mine” —Brandy ft. Monica 2. “I Wanna Be Down” —Brandy 3. “The First Night” —Monica 4. “Sittin’ Up In My Room” —Brandy 5. “Slow J...