• Our activism is not seasonal


    Our activism is not seasonal; It's at the heart of our daily operations. 
    From the choice of our garments, the factory we source from, to the designs on our products. CoolAfrican is Unapologetic and fearless; our position is quite clear on our products. It is our belief streetwear can be used as a tool to promote social change.

  • Grammy Award Nominee Burna Boy LookBook by CoolAfrican

    Damini Ogulu aka Burna boy was raised in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, on the country’s southern coast. The rockstar hails from a musical family; his grandfather, at one point, managed legendary African activist and musician, Fela Kuti. 

    Aside from his musical prowess home and abroad, the 2020 grammy award nominee, Burna boy has become a trendsetter with his ultracool bold style.

    Check out some of the African Giant Style the CoolAfrican team  put together: