• The Smartest Family in Britain today, is an African family. 

    Their twin, Paula and Peter Imafidon, at age eight set a joint world record, when they passed an A/AS-level examination in mathematics. A year after this, they took and passed the University of Cambridge’s Advanced Mathematics (FAM) paper making them the youngest students ever to pass the examination. 
  • Warrior Queen - Amina of Zaria

    Commonly known as the warrior queen, Queen Amina of Zaria was the first woman to become the Sarauniya (queen) in a male-dominated society. She expanded the territory of the Hausa people of north Africa to its largest borders in history. Much of what is known of Queen Amina is based on information related in the Kano Chronicles. Other details are pulled from the oral traditions of Nigeria. As a result, the memory of Queen Amina has assumed legendary proportions in her native Hausaland and beyond.[1] The modern state of Nigeria has immortalized Amina by erecting a statue of her, spear in hand, on a horse, in the centre of Lagos.