“An African Cannot Be A Foreigner In Africa”

In light of the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa against some other Africans who have migrated from their home country to reside in the rainbow nation. 
It has been undeniably a rough and sad week for us as Cool Africans whose main work is to retell the story of Africa to the global audience with the use of the design on sustainable garments.
Our team at CoolAfricanMerch have decided we can no longer remain in silence about the issue, but creatively lend a voice to the cruel act and barbaric behaviour of some minority.
Setting out on this piece, we aimed to borrow from the voice of the people to lend to the voice of the people across the continent.
And so, our team crawled the internet in search of something unique, a message, something that strikes a chord with all and not just a sector of the community.
A piece that serves to educate, engage and unite.
CoolAfricanMerch presents to you a one-piece exclusive merch inspired by a protest placard from the people to the people.
 “An African Cannot Be A Foreigner In Africa”. 
Our Home T-Shirt
100% Organic Cotton
All of the profit generated from each item sold will be donated to victims of hate crimes in Africa.